Laikos Theologos is currently made up of two individuals. You can find out more about the two of us by reading our profiles below, or even clicking on the links to our respective Facebook profiles.

So, why the name? The Greek word laikos (Λαϊκός) means layperson [1], while theologos (θεολόγος) means theologian, and that is exactly what we are. Despite being laypersons, we devote much of our time to studying Christian theology as it is one of our major areas of interest.

We hope to use this website as an avenue to edify other Christians as well as to advance theological thought, especially in our home country Malaysia.

Joshua Wu

Editor & Contributor

LLB (Hons) University of London, CLP


Kenneth Ho


BBusCom Monash University Malaysia


[1] see Susan Ashbrook Harvey, David G. Hunter, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Studies (2008), p.390: “The term laikos comes from the word laos, meaning people. Hence, it came to mean of or from the people, unofficial, civilian, or common.”