The Fatherhood of God

In a series on the “Family of God,” I was given the privilege to tackle the Fatherhood of God. David Tasker writes that, “[The Fatherhood of God is] not just another idea peripheral to the central core of biblical teaching and needs to be recognised as such.” [1]

The Fatherhood of God is a key concept in which a lot can be said. However, for the purposes of this sharing, I looked at the matter from 3 different perspectives (i.e. The Fatherhood of God in relation to Jesus, Israel, and Christians). This categorisation was adopted from Martin Manser’s Dictionary of Bible Themes (1996).

If you find the attached material useful for your personal edification and/or for the edification of your ministry/local church, please use them without hesitation. God bless!

[1] David Tasker, Ancient Near Eastern Literature and the Hebrew Scriptures About the Fatherhood of God (2004), p.1



The Fatherhood of God (Slides)

The Fatherhood of God (Participants Notes)


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